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Open your window of communication, anywhere, anytime

What is "dokomado"?

Online communication has been around for quite a while, though the amount of time we spend in online meetings these days has dramatically increased, both in business and personal life. Have we really adjusted to this new style of communication? How about the quality of interaction? Maybe we are starting to feel that something is missing ...

"dokomado" is a technique that goes beyond just online communication, and aims to improve various aspects of modern human interaction through computer screen.
"dokomado" is a Japanese word, that loosely translated relates to "opening the window of communication, anywhere, anytime". "dokomado" technique helps to remove the virtual distance and opens the communication channel at the different level.

The technique is a product of personal discovery work of its founder Yoko, later joined by Asako. The "body and mind work" they used to do with their students in in-person classes had to be replaced with online sessions. They noticed the discomfort and other effects that online interaction had on them and their students. Studying the effects of that led to the birth of the "dokomado" technique.  

Study "dokomado"

Learning "dokomado" techniques is available in 2 formats. “dokomado basic” classes (45 minute sessions x 2 days) let you learn the necessary and essential skills. “dokomado advanced” class combines advanced practice with learning a broader range of skills.
We are looking forward to see you in the class and hope that the skills you learn will bring back the joy of virtual interaction between people!


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