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About us


Alexander Technique Teacher - graduated from Alexander Alliance International Tokyo School in 2007. Currently, the Founder and Managing Director of Rainbow Lab, a company dedicated to bringing joy to our bodies and minds.

Yoko has been an active Alexander Technique teacher since 2007.
Recently she has become increasingly interested in possibilities of online lessons, since remote work has become practically a standard. She experimented with different approaches, and as a result a series of work was born. She called it “dokomado”, which loosely translated from Japanese relates to “opening a window (of communication)”.
Dokomado techniques work with our consciousness and transform a personal computer into a window connecting us to the world. They bring about a new sense of freedom found within the limits of today’s world.

This is something she wants to share here with you.
PS. She also created all Dokomado cliparts.


Asako is a Certified Alexander Technique teacher and has been running private classes and group events for many years. She is intersted in various practical ways of applications of mind and body connection in daily life.
She is also a passionate flamenco dancer and gym enthusiast.

Recent expansion of online and remote work made her curious about exploring new ways of letting her use mind and body connection in the new world where we move less and spend more time in online meetings both at work and in private life. This work led her, together with Yoko, to the world of dokomado ...

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