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Study "dokomado"

Smartphones (as well as tablets and computers) have already become an integral part of our lives. As a part of our daily routine, we pick up a smartphone or a tablet, and just use it to find something on the Internet, or check messages, etc. Most of us do it intuitively and naturally. However, when it comes to using those devices to attend an online meeting, or a class, does it feel a little awkward? Does it make us more tired over time? Or maybe we are just uncomfortable with the same device or a computer screen you're always looking at?

Interacting with people through computer screens is not our innate ability, however it can be developed. "dokomado" techniques help us learn it. They make online communication using the device screen more intuitive and natural. "dokomado" makes this process comfortable again.

The course is available in 2 formats. “dokomado basic” classes (45 minute sessions x 2 days) let you learn the necessary and essential skills. “dokomado advanced” class combines advanced practice with learning a broader range of skills.
Spreading the course over multiple days and sessions allows you to practice on your own between classes and assimilate the learning at your own pace.

We truly hope that the classes and the practice with us will give you the ability to open and close the “window of communication” at will, and the skills you learn will bring back the joy of virtual interaction between people! 

"dokomado" Basic

6,000 yen

  • Essential skills 
  • Learn how to use your consciousness to “open the window communication”.
  • Discount applies if registered together with advanced course: total price 8,500 yen
"dokomado" Advanced

4,000 yen

  • Deep dive into "dokomado "
  • Learn skills of eye relaxation and making your whole communication space more comfortable. 
  • Discount applies if registered together with basic course: total price 8,500 yen
"dokomado" Instructor


Please contact us!

  • In response to many enquiries about "dokomado", we are preparing "dokomado" instructor course that will open possibility of teaching "dokomado".
  • Please contact us to express your interest and we will let you know as soon as we are ready!
  • Class logistics : Classes are delivered via Zoom online meeting system. Connection from a device equipped with a camera is required. It is recommended to join from a device with a larger screen (desktop/laptop computer or tablet).  
  • Registration: Please check our schedule and use our online form to register or contact us with questions 
"dokomado" Basic
Learn how to use your consciousness to “open the window communication”
10 pepole per session/60 min x 2 + Q&A


10am GMT / 5am EST

Jun.24Sat & 25 Sun

7pm EST / 12am GMT +1

"dokomado" Advanced
Learn skills of eye relaxation and making your whole communication space more comfortable.
10 pepole per session/45 min + Q&A.
Aug.1 Sun

10am GMT / 5am EST

Aug.1 Sun

7pm EST / 12am GMT +1

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